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Lance McNichol


Lance has been around  the Auckland music scene fo 64 years now, and has just recieved his telegram from the Queen. Very few people realise that Lance suffers from a chronic case of niceness. So far the therapy to try and counter this has been to build his own house, raise a family and make a living as a musician, but to no avail. Lance's niceness  reputation is widely known and the prejudice that it creates causes him no amount of coyness and indifference. This dissabilty gives his blues playing a unique edge. Did I mention that he's a nice bloke?


Colin Jones


Born during the Blitz, Colin began his life straight from the school of hard knocks. As soon as he could walk he started up his own stall selling whelks before moving on to selling dodgy goods in a lockup under some tube arches. He eventually played in various bands around London and his style was mimicked by a budding young singer by the name of Joe Cocker! Colin moved to NZ during the height of its hippy generation where he he quickly got 'stoned' with cement and aggregates. He even tutored Tim Shadbolt in the art of  concrete mixer towage.  Ironically now it is he that often impersonates Joe Cocker which is depicted in his self written 'Pendulum Blues'.


Simon Sheward


Simon is the baby of the band  but has gleaned a lot from the experienced elders he works with. He has played bass since puberty and chose to mature gracefully by moving from electric to acoustic. Much persecuted for his gingerness in his youth, he has particular affintiy for the blues.He has played with various Auckland musos and some London ones also. Simon hopes  one day to be buried in a double bass.